Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The gift of knowing you

The world lost a lovely woman today. I'm sorry to see you go. I'm sorry I didn't get the chance to see you one last time. To hear your quick laughter, to get that last hug.
I am sorry for your two beautiful daughters who lost their mother at such a young age. For your baby grandson who you lived your life for.
I am sorry for your employers who never fully appreciated your abilities.

Yet. Yet I know, at the same time you are finally free. You have been released from your failing body. You have been released from the mountain of responsibility and stress, and dark nights. You have been released from your sadness.

I know your happy now. I know you are off to learn your new lessons, and find value in the life you lived.
I will smile when I think of you. I will remember you fondly. I will miss you.
Farewell Denise Schmidt. You were a lovely woman. You ARE a lovely soul.