Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Free Wedding Ceremony Contest!

I love hearing the stories of how a person's path crosses another, and love blooms. I love the sweetness, the beauty, the sometime rawness. Sometimes love comes in unexpected ways, and that is beautiful. Because each couple, each story is unique.

I love hearing thoughts and opinions on what makes a marriage work. What love means. What it means to be in relationship with another soul.

I love hearing the wishes and goals. The trials and triumphs of relationships. It's a feel good feeling.

I love weddings. I love the art of ceremony. I love helping a couple create and design a ceremony that defines and expresses the relationship that they have built. Bringing two people together in sacred ceremony is probably the most awesome and fulfilling job I could ever hope to have besides being a mother. Nothing tops that. :) It's a blessing, and the most fun thing I have ever done. A natural high, if you will. I love it so much that if I didn't have to use money to survive, and eat and just be, I would totally do it for free. :)
Really though, It's been a fantastic career choice, and it's time to be in service back into the community.

So, in the act of paying it forward for all the blessings that have been bestowed upon me, I want to offer a contest!

I want to hear your love story. I want to know why you believe you are marrying the right partner. I want to know what commitment /marriage means to you. What makes a marriage work? What does love mean to you? What does it mean to be in relationship?
Send in your story to me at Rev(dot)Dina(At) Soulfulcommitment(dot)com. I will post the stories with your permission, and then, We will open it up to the readers for a vote of the best story! The story with the most votes will win, so you might want to tell your friends and family to vote for you!

The contest runs through February 29th. The voting begins March 1st. The winners will be announced Sunday March 18th both at the Pittsburgh Bridal Show at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, and here on the blog, and on my Facebook page.

Restrictions apply:
1. One couple will win 1 free wedding package, including a ceremony, rehearsal (if needed), all travel, and filing your license after your ceremony. 
2. Wedding must be in the Tri state area, including Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia.
3. Wedding day must be available on my calendar. (I am happy to share with you my availability, if you ask)
4. If Wedding is OUT of of the Tri-State area and you really want me there, we can negotiate. :)
5. Couple must not already be contracted with me for my services.

SO let's hear your story! I can't wait! 

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